Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Copy paste from laptop.. WRITTEN AFTER I WATCH REPLAY DOTA ..

Music: L'arc'en~ciel - LINK

I'm more interested to my friends that called HANS. (The name same with me.. so the personality maybe looks alike with me.. Know him from bunglon.. and from SMUK4, play dotA, blah blah blah..) Why I said that? Hmm.. Maybe because I'm watch dotA replay that is very very very interesting.. And FULL of enjoyment.. Wew.. Two Thumbs UP for him.. REALLY!! He is more and more calm when play dotA (SUPER FOCUS) and know the meaning of hAvE FUN GoOd LuCk (HFGL).. He keeps stay calm, carry on, believe himself 100% he can beat everyone!! (maybe it's called trust his own feeling, heart, or whatever.. when playing.. and give his best shot..). He don't care about the others that keep contemptible and disturb him when he challenge people in tourney 1 on 1.. (You can look and analyze that from the tourney replay..) He also have a high spirit..!! (<-- from chatlog) Wew.. Don't care what the others said about yourself that's weird or geeks, just believe your own to the fullest!! NICE.. The item build also maybe weird and some people don't understand.. But, I agree with him.. I understand that why he build that item.. He has already predicted and trust his own decision when he did that (when playing..) Of course item build is not everything, just follow his analysis skill, intuition skill. Experience is the best teacher and Practices makes perfect.. Maybe it's fate.. Hmm.. (After playing dotA, my intuition is more and more sharper.. hahaha.. cuih cuih.. Let's do and prove it not just talk some trash repeatedly..!! But, I don't want too often to play it!! I want to quit and face the new world when I graduated..) <-- wogh.. wogh.. wogh..

Now, For some doters.. Just watch the replay okay? It's famous in indogamers.. (Err.. this is promotion..)

I remember some of PEPATAH Indonesia: "Jgn punya mental kek TEMPE dan ga punya semangat!!" Hahahha.. If you really really really want something, there is always a way.. Two thumbs up pls.. Just carry on.. Errr, for me.. I want to quit dotA 99% and carry on my own living and get a brighter future.. Wanna give salute and clap (plok plok plok) to every people that's have already been 'big down' for many many times and can keep carry on the living like usual.. (I don't refuse if you clapping for me..)

I wanna SHOUT to some people (of course not for 'her', just for some boys arround me, don't know who): "JUST GROW UP.. MORE MATURE.. Don't be CHILDISH and think too SERIOUS about others that is really really WEIRD with serious expression!! YOU ARE A CRYBABY, ADMIT IT!! YOU ARE CRYING AFTER READING MY BLOG AND DON'T KNOW WHY!! YOU ARE NEVER HAVE BEEN EXPERIENCED REALLY REALLY MANY BIG DOWN!! YOU NEVER SAID YOU NEED MY SUPPORT!! SO.. YOU HAVE TO EXPERIENCE MANY BIG DOWN YOURSELF AND THE BIGGEST DOWN! AND SEE IF YOU CAN HANDLE YOURPROBLEM YOURSELF CAREFULLY AND I CALLED YOU WEIRD WITH SERIOUS FACES AND EXPRESSION FOR MANY TIMES!! JUST GO F**K WITH YOUR OWN PROBLEM IN YOUR MIND AND FIND YOUR OWN SOLUTION!! LET'S SEE WHAT YOUR MENTAL IS MADE OF!!! LET'S SEE THAT YOU ARE A MAN OR NOT, CAN CONTROL YOUR EMOTION OR NOT!! WHAT MY FRIENDS SAID THAT U ARE CHILDISH IS RIGHT!!" Arghh.. Now I'm smile again.. (<-- this is a bit sound like evil and individualist.. hahahaaha..) Maybe you don't already experience your biggest turning point in life to be more positive.. For me, life is a journey that you have to carry on.. And I think, I have already experienced my biggest down...

Again, only few people understand this and the others keep calling me weird with some SERIOUS faces and EXPRESSION.. But, I'm not crazy.. I'm also know that I'm just still ordinary human.. NEVER think I'm special, fortune teller or other geeks..!! <-- Read 100x.. I keep carry on to be better and better person.. Argh.. Let's stay CALM and don't be too serious.. Smile pls.. Proud for myself.. lalalalaalala.. Don't wanna ruin fragile soul, confused, and can't handle their ownselves.. You have to know what time to get serious and what time to be joking..

~ARGH.. SUpER bUsY.. When I can ride bicycle again? Hahahaha..

LIVE POSTING: Komas hari ini telat untuk pertama kalinya... hahahah.. masa telat dikit doang ga bole masuk.. uda lari2.. sial.. sial..


chewy said...

gara2 u telat ga bs ikut komnas,,
ak ama mira ikutan u sial
td kite diomelin pak stef gara2 ngobrol n ga nyatet

Evan said...

mampus lu telat komas sel...
uda tau dia kejam berdarah dingin..

btw gw pernah telat trs boleh masuk
alesannya gara2 ujan super gede