Thursday, October 23, 2008

Actions.. *update photos in dufan*

Hmm.. Words are nothing, do with actions.. like photos.. you have to get the soul when you looked.. ~ Written in the morning by me

Let me share some photos again in Dufan.. (I've just received these photos)

ea ea ea..

Let's start:

1. All in hokben again.JPG

Photo in hokben detos. Dinner time with friends.. I did not get some space to sit.. Wew..

2. After eating.JPG

After eating with some nice style and expression arround me.. ea ea ea..

3. wet wet wet.JPG

Bayu being the leader of the boat.. DAMN.. screaming and shouting..!!

4. Many expression...JPG

Mr. Cool wanna be..

5. hoek hoek cuih cuih. patungnya...JPG

Just look carefully the statue..

6. hokben

Again, after eating.. Peace..

7. ngantri.JPG

Queue in the line.. Hmm..

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