Friday, October 31, 2008

As Usuall

~ Thursday ~

Hmm.. play pingpong, go to balairung twice, SDA assistant, play DOTA until 9 o'clock night.. Today, I almost forgot to eat allday..Wew.. Sick sick sick.. I eat at warteg sasari.. I played DOTA in my room with senior.. Wogh.. It's GG game.. They asked me over and over to stay overnight tomorrow in campus.. ea ea ea.. Don't know.. Maybe I will stay overnight, maybe not.. I don't have any occasion or plan.. Btw, I haven't revise my KP report.. I Forgot.. Hmm.. Tomorrow is a deadline.. Saturday is a TOEFL Test.. Monday is PBK test.. I hope I can concentrate well.. Wew.. This month is full of shocked event.. Many people is weird, easy to change, easy to be influenced, don't know their trueself, wear mask, and don't express their true identity.. Are that their true identity or just faking and pretend to be happy that is deep deep down inside is not happy.. Just so hypocrite.. I don't like those kind of people. Faking, full of bullshit, always pretending, so egoistic, never think others, actions are really different with words, words are really different with actions, full of bigmouth.. I don't need your pity, mercy, whatever.. Mind your own business.. Thx..

~I don't toy with humans seriouslly, and don't like to be toyed seriouslly too.. There is Karma.. Enjoy your life..

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