Sunday, October 19, 2008

Funny Things

Now, I am really like to hear Laruku - New World

Well.. There are a lot lot lot lot lot funy things happen around me..

1. In PJ jumat. That I sit in front, and don't know why I do that.. And the priest talk about fanatic and catholic.. Wew.. I am realy agree with him. And I asked ketua PO:"Ref, u sengaja y.. uda diatur?" Ketua PO said:"Apa sih..".

2. In TOEFL.. That the teacher teach the lesson that is really really weird.. About inverted structure, some vocab, and my friends going out in the middle of the lesson.. Wew..

3. Me and 'her' that's still friends.. And keep carry on living as usual.. Wew.. And she also said that: " Wew.. kmrn gw muntah muntah juga.. ga tau kenapa.. Apa menurut u ini pertanda?". I said: "ga tau"

4. There are a lot of people want to trying a new things.. Like: Sepeda, go to church, eat kabogo dada pedas, and watch laskar pelangi.. Hmm.. Don't know.. NICE!!

5. I still meet many faces that is confused.. Well.. I don't know why.. Maybe because they don't experience this.. Just people around me.. Don't know.. Just carry on your own life!! I really really really really don't want to ruin you!!

6. When I wake up today, I still remember my dream.. I dream about 'her'.. And I remember that what she has said earlier to me: "kmrn gw mimpiin u.. u perna mimpiin gw ga?" And I said "Nope..". Maybe I have to change my answer.. My answer is "YES! I have already dream about you". Just carry on my living..

Sometimes I feel that maybe it's me and 'her' that is too too too STUBBORN about "sign" (maybe people around me too..). Just ask GOD who give sign.

Sometimes I also feel that many people around me are changing better and better.. drastically.. Wew.. Don't know Why.. Just keep pray for me.. Again, don't know why I wrote that, I feel that there are many many and many (growing and growing) people that pray for me that want to the BEST for me!! (<-- Again I'm never refuse to be pray). Maybe I have changed your life better and better.. Don't know.. Just pray for me as usual that BEST for me.. (Why as usual? Not just now? Not sunday? again, my principle is: BISA karena BIASA.. BISA kek gini karena biasa.. Maybe you can usually pray for me so that I can have my BEST and keep "melawan dunia"!. Just think my words.. ea ea ea.. hoek hoek cuih cuih.. pret pret..)

Sometimes I also feel that are many many many people pray for me.. And they are confused about themselves what to do.. Don't know.. Just my little feeling..

Sometimes I'm afraid to face new world, like work, married, have a family, or something else.. But I think that's normal. Because we, as a human, sometimes need to angry, need to strees, need to panic, need to afraid, need to lazy, or some other negatif things.. That's normal. But at least you have already do your best and be your self.. Just carry on.. Am I right? Just need time to heal and really really really undestand that.

I don't know why I be ketua kelas, ketua MPK, ketua grup tugas, ketua kelompok, and kuliah in UI.. Err.. Maybe it's GOD plan.. hahahahah.. Just smile.. I also remember that some my friends in high school that calling me SBY and talked to me: "Sel.. gw dukung u klo jadi presiden beneran!!! seriusan.. bakal lucu kek na.." hahahaha.. Again, I smile about that funny things.. Am I suitable to be a chief or a leader? Just ask the people surround me that know know know myself.. (like my best friends in high school or the people who really really really know me..)

Sometimes I feel that it's me that support some people recently.. They are confused about something, and sad.. I don't know.. They have their own problem.. Everybody have their own problem.. Just smile.. ^^

Maybe I just wanna carry on to be myself.. Don't wanna change.. And someday, I hope that I don't wanna change to be worse.. Don't know, don't care, don't wanna think to deep about that..

Just smile to face the world.. And Carry on..

Maybe This is my last to write "kata kata sok bijak.." (I don't want to make other people confused.. And don't be themselves just think your own "kata kata sok bijak" when you read my blog)

-I DON"T AGREE WITH the sentence "KADANG KADANG LEBIH BAIK BERPURA PURA TIDAK TAHU" .. Maybe the sentence can be changed (so that can't be misinterpret) into: "

SILENT IS GOLD. JusT WATCH, LEARN, AND EXPERIENCE IT YOURSELF. IF YOU WANNA HELP PEOPLE. JusT HELP.. Don't pretend like you don't know (Because maybe you can be a people that don't know everything and in the future be an idiot and autis.. <-- this is a jokes.. funny?).

REMEMBER: SILENT IS GOLD. WATCH, LEARN, ANALYZE and EXPERIENCE IT. AND MAKE DECISION! NEVER experience REGRETS that very very very BIG! Again, every people is different.. I know that not ALL words have to be DO, and not ALL THINGS that have been DONE need to be said or dibahas explicitly!! Just Silent sometimes and Analyze!

-Smile have many meaning..

-In my next blog, just think "kata kata sok bijak" in yourself. I don't want to be misinterpret about who i am.. hahahaa.. Smile again pls..

-Now I believe feeling, god, and fate.. ea ea ea.. Maybe I have sixth sense (hereditary, down from generations to generations).. ^^

My next week activity is very very very busy.. Don't know why.. MAybe because multilab project.. I have to focus on that.. To get my future better and better.. (Just my feeling.. Maybe wrong maybe right.. ^^)

Don't know why, I also remember some of my words from my friends, Let me translate this in bahasa Indonesia: (ea ea ea ea)

"Bener banget selll.. Bener banget.. gw suka u...."
"Hansel selalu benarr...... ga perna salah.."
"unik banget sih u sel.."
"Setuju sel.. setuju.."
"bener juga.. bener juga.."
"gila sel.. gw salut ama u.."
"mon.. mon.."
"gila otak gw ga sampe tadi.. jenius u"

Arghh.. again, Sometimes I feel weird about that.. But, now I am smile and keep carry on as usual.. ea ea ea ea.. Don't know why.. Don't ask me..

~Not Superstar <-- now.. Don't know the future.. According to me who is ordinary, not a fortune-teller who know the future.. blah blah blah...
~Argh.. need some reunion with some highschool friends in my class who really really know me
~How is my English? Bad? Nice? or Don't know? My feeling (or sixth sense) keep said that u are happy and smile to read my blog now and understand English!! I'm just practices to use English.. People said that Practices makes perfect.. ea ea ea.. Don't know.. And wanna try my best to get scholarship to foreign country..
~A bit sleepy, because my parents are coming and give many many many many nice advices that good (Their age are more mature than me and have taste world that is very very dark..)

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