Thursday, October 23, 2008


~Just SomE dotA guide~

First time wrote some freak guide in dotA.. Argh.. So GG.. ea ea ea..

Of course after I practice and use my own analysis..

Find it on your where is NVM! (<-- I don't have any cool NVM picture.. so how's the picture..? I draw it with my pencil.. LoL..)

NVM - nevermore guide skill:

lvl Skill

1 2
2 1
3 2
4 1
5 2
6 1
7 2
8 1
9 stat
10 ulti
11 ulti
12 stat
13 stat
14 stat
15 stat
16 ulti
17 stat
18 stat
19 stat
20 3
21 stat
22 3
23 stat
24 3
25 3

NVM - nevermore guide item (with time flow):
1. bottle
2. boots + town portal
3. blade + bla bla bla ->> lotar
4. RoH + voidStone --> persevance
5. persevance + ultimate orb + bla bla bla -->> linken
5. hyperstone + plate mail + bla bla bla-->> cuirras
6. boots of travel -->> upgrade from boots
7. mask of madness -->> made in the end

so in the end (with numpad key!), the item:

bottle - linken
lotar - cuirras
madness - travel

Why don't need BKB?

Because I think, now linken is better than BKB, also can help your ultimate too.. (in 6.56)

Why made lotar?

Of course to make your ultimate easier, thats why I use those skill guide.. when to take ulti.. bla bla bla..

Why made cuirrass?

Again to increase attack speed and give some aura to your team.. And bring your enemy mentally DOWN!! <-- ea ea ea..

Why made travel?

To back up your team when they want war!! And to chase enemy when your item is good enough..

Why made madness in the end?

To increase your attack speed and orb effect to lifesteal. Also your HP and MP can be supported by linken and bottle..

Why you made this guide and named freak guide?

Because I looked chriz (yesterday game, with 69er, toobusy, bla bla bla) and Hans NVM (replay).. Err, and I get this some idea.. Don't know why.. Just my feeling.. I named this Freak guide because I post this guide without any picture to explain further details.. I'm too busy.. Maybe you can upgrade this guide and if you think this guide is good you can develop this..?!!#!@ ea ea ea... And give some credits to me.. Maybe if you use this skill and item guide in tourney, MYT, or CW, you can tell me this guide works or not.. And give some credits to me.. (<-- want some credits.. again.. plok plok plok.. clapping for me.. ea ea ea..)

Why don't you post this guide in indogamers?

Don't know.. Maybe it's not right.. There are some really shitty people out there who contemptible to my guide.. ??$?!#$?!? If you wanna post it, post it for me, and tell me..

~Again, this is my netral guide structure.. Maybe just some people understand this guide.. :p

NvM - Nevermind err.. Nevermore I mean..


H-BoY ~ H for hope, not others..

Btw, How's my english? Keep praticing..

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