Wednesday, October 22, 2008



Jikustik - Samudra Mengering
Menghitung Hari

(Try those two song to calm yourself.. taken from my fav playlist..)

When I remember about yesterday.. Wew.. Yesterday, I'm feel that I'm super angry and wanna kick some ass.. (actually not some ass, just one ass.. mr.CABUL ass..) When I used his computer, don't know why.. My Computer always hang, cannot use internet, hard to open scele, and my flasdisk is scattered everywhere, broken.. DAMN!! (I can't teached SDA lecture too.. arghh...)

Wew.. I really really want to punch him.. Hahahaha.. It's good to keep distance, for me and him.. I feel that if I too closed to him, my emotions is boiled again.. hahahhahaa.. Maybe it's best for him to go f**k h**s**f and keep FIGHTING with someone closed for him.. haaahaha..

Hmm.. But, again.. I'm very busy this week.. There's always some work to do.. Hmm.. This is one hell test week and job to do.. 4 years in college.. Nice..

Wanna play.. ea ea ea..

Jarakal (hero dotA) said : don't worry.. be happy..!!

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Evan said...

Sel, bukan jarahkal yg ngomong gitu, tapi RHASTA!!!