Tuesday, November 4, 2008

TruTH in MY hEaRT

FoR : SomEonE

u are always in my heart..

Maybe u think i'm bullshit, differ from the action, always changing, so rotten, like me, hate me, what ever..

But, I'm really really LOVE U, and wanna make u always feel happy.. U are always so special in my eyes.. I also wanna be in your level.. Not only u that wanna be in my level.. Really.. I'm always wanna give my best to u.. Just don't hate me.. MY LEVEL IS TOO LOW, not your level.. AGAIN, you know everything about me.............. I'm always to fix my mistake and catch up to your level.. Don't know why.. Maybe because I feel that there's no wall among us to tell our secret..

I don't care if u believe it or not.. I always straight and tell everything honestly in front of you.. (I don't know, why I did that..)

Just wanna said this like before: My feeling is strong. I don't know which is stronger.. Feeling or stubborness...

I hope u can change your perspective, your decision and your point of view.. Never think that u are always right, and u can't change your principle until the end of the day you live..

Maybe, this is my last chance and your last chance too.. Don't know.. To make a better life, bad, or just drop..

Try to be honest to yourself so that u can be honest to your closest humanbeen..

Again, I'm not joking.. That's the truth.. I need your truth too..


Kaka said...

hmmm moga makin sukses ya

Leonie said...

cie.....itu ce pa co?