Saturday, November 22, 2008


Well.. What I've got today..

Hmm.. maybe because I'am determined realist... that's so damn true..

When I chat with some of my old friends and some people..

There are so many people that's already been their worst moment..

Just take example: playing some girls (included ML), going some drugs for some time, going to dugem everynight, etc.. bla bla bla..


The point is I'm more happy about that my bad bad bad past experiences that I've been through.. In reality that those all my friends and me that've been their bad moment can change and get a better life now.. Hmm.. Maybe it's fate and some plan from GOD.. hahhaha..

Hahahahaa.. If you never in dark moment and never face it.. Your life is so damn flat and boring, never been in darkest time..I think that's so damn unlucky.. Every people has their own darkest secret.. dirty little secret.. (<-- american reject song..).. Hahahha.. Just make those moment to be a better person..

Well.. just share some bad fact reality of world..

Well.. Some people change you know from time to time..



Keep fighting.. ^^

If u never been big down, u can't never face the big up..

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