Monday, November 3, 2008


Friday NiGHt 11:50

Sound: Fort Minor - Believe ME

err.. what are u doing? writing blogs.. Hmm.. I should study TOEFL today.. But I can't concentrate at all.. Don't know.. Maybe because I'm busy, sleepy, playing, etc.. Hahahaahaa.. Don't wanna think useless thing.. What the..? Ea ea ea.. I've just arrived from friend's room.. He made study group in his room.. six people.. All are my juniors from KI.. I got some nice installers, games, wallpapers.. Btw, today's dinner, we eat together in alo.. And my friend mr. H, broke a glass.. Wew.. BroKeN GlAsS shattered everywhere.. ea ea ea.. The clerk refused to accept the payment.. But, I think it's better to pay back and show some resposibility.. Hahahaaha..

I got some nice game.. Like O2jam offline and VOS (Virtual Orchestra System).. Both are musical game.. Wew.. I should try those games in my laptop.. Maybe I can be some pro's (like now, dotA pro's.. :p). Brb install..

Arghh.. I must study TOEFL until morning..

Enough for today..

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Leonie said...

aduh,,artiin dnk...