Friday, November 21, 2008


Hmm.. Yesterday I've just finished seen nice dvd movie. It's called 21. Well, I think it's very very very good movie.. Hmm.. About some people who tried to breaks the system. (<-- dejavu in KOMAS) Breaks the rule with their own strength.. This movie inspired from TRUE STORY.. Wew.. I've just imagined that there's can be happening in the future. Some young people who are very very genius from Harvard can get whatever they want. They used their brains, skills, tactis in Las Vegas to get some money. Hmm.. I think that's can be done. What may be my concern is.. Is that really based on true story.. Well.. I think so.. Because the ending is really nice.. About bad luck that he lost everything and can't get money to go college bla bla bla.. It's about EGOIST vs HEART. ^^. It can happen to me, you, or everyone.. I think that everypeople has their own good heart deep down inside.. Hahahahaa.. Nice Endng.. True story huh? Just watch it.. 21.

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