Monday, November 3, 2008



TOEFL prediction test..

Hmm.. Maybe my grade will be lower than before.. There's so many 'shooting stars' in listening and structure sections.. Maybe because I'm too sleepy so that it's very hard to concenctrate.. Hahahahaha.. Hmm.. BAD!!

Btw, Do u know GMAT test? Can anyone tell me where's learn that? I'm willing to take GMAT Test in order to try scholarship.. Hmm.. I'm not richy person.. not too poor either.. Scholarship is one of my option for brighter future..

After TOEFL test, I came back to my place.. Doing some stuff, install games in handphone, try to study midtest (<-- but failed and fell asleep until evening.. Hoamm...) So quiet in here.. Especially today.. Hahahaa..


err.. Now I'm writing blog, at the same time listening to:

D'masiv - Dan Kamu
D'masiv - Diantara Kalian
D'masiv - Aku percaya Kamu
D'masiv - ilfil (Manusia Tak Berharga)
D'masiv - cinta ini membunuhku
D'masiv - Merindukanmu
D'masiv - Cinta sampai Disini
D'masiv - Tak Bisa Hidup Tanpamu

ea ea ea.. Nice Indonesian Songs though.. Hahahahaha.. Just try to enjoy and listen.. Maybe you like those songs too.. ^^

Yesterday, I also have just collected my KP report.. Hmm.. I hope I can proceed to the next level.. Maybe next week will be the day.. Plenary session.. Argh. Must be ready and face the consequences with three university-level instructor.. Give me some spirit..!! Ea ea ea ea..

Well.. I forgot to tell.. I got this poster on CDC and Scholarship day in Balairung..

There is Nihon No Matsuri (Japan Festival) in PRJ on Nov, 8 and Nov, 9

Let me give you the photo with my handphone..

(just google if you want further information)

Wanna go there.. My schedule is empty too.. Hmm..

Hmm.. Why colour in my left toenail's don't disappear? I've take a bath already.. I also found some keys and one flashdisk in my place those maybe important for someone.. (those stuff don't belongs to me)

Between a rock and hard place

Rome wasn't built in a day.

There is no such thing like easy life.. Life is always complicated.. I just wanna make it simpler to enjoy my daily life..

~Hoamm.. Back to study PBK <-- my last midtest

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