Friday, November 14, 2008

ThirD ParTiess..


Have u ever feel so tired and exhausted about some people..?

Well.. Maybe this is because I have some problems with they.. Just avoid them and analyze the situation..

Because of that damn matrix.. Wew.. The operators made some agreement that I don't know.. Activate my number and MADE mE PAY SOME money.. Weww.. Jerk OFF!! THis made me have some big problems again with my parents.. I don't wanna add some problems again with them.. The MatRiX guy came to my home and look my home's map, and ask my father to sign in the white paper.. what the...? $%^&*() argh.. don't wanna think another negatif and bad consequences.. Well.. I 've finnaly realized.. There are no damn free promotion in this life.. everything needs sacrifice (even though it is small and sometimes u don't realize it.. am I right?)

I guess that some people around me just be K.O.O.A.S.S.. hahahaha.. just smile to them.. They have their own problem.. I don't wanna interfere.. Just solve your own problem.. But, just don't mix your problem with me.. Okay? just watch your words and mouth..!! Hahahaa.. Just GROW UP and try to separate the problems and the context.. but. I'm still happy.. because of her.. ^^..

Hmm.. trying to extend my limit in patience..

ea ea ea..

FInish to share my exp.. Go to the next level.. ^^

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