Thursday, July 19, 2012

self reflection #2

self reflection..

that's what i need to do right now.. so let's remember somethings that have already happened in the past, thinking about it, change the bad habit, and moving on.. what experience? hmm.. maybe about love in my life recently.. girlfriend or what? dunno.. forgot. maybe we just close enough.. status doesn't really matter for me.. hey.. if u love someone sincerely and wholeheartedly, u can always be happy if she is happy.. just see her face.. :)) well.. here's my experience that i learned recently..

1. experiences from I
Friend is friend. Don't expect too much.. Although u know her so much for a long time, don't act like u know her 100%.. Going out two and three times together doesn't guarantee something. Don't be pushy and you have to control the emotion. Don't let the emotion eat you alive.. :)

2. experiences from V
Body language. You have to try and error by yourself, there's no exact theory in it. Maybe there's something in common to read word, response, etc. But remember, every Women  have their own unique body language.. Everybody is unique. So you have to remember, always control your word, if you want to ask something serious, think about it three times and if you are still confuse ask your friend.. Still, if she try to touch you, you have to response.. Don't be cold and stupid.. Hahaha.. Self confidence is important..

3. experiences from E
Patient and mature. I have to be more grown up and patient. And remember how long you two know each other... Delivered - Read - Picture - Status.. You have to be more patient and remember.. She is still texting you. Although it takes time for the waiting and she is updating her BB..Don't be childish.. Just be happy and positiveee..

some key points for you, me, and alien who reading this:
remember to say greetings (but don't be over), share the experience, ask background, if it's enough to know each other (2 or 3 weeks), ask her to going out and see the body language.. bla bla bla.. use your own improvement.. just remember: act like usual, don't be moody, be blunt, aware, patient, positive thinking, more maturity, more patient, don't be too pushy, and always have a cold head, don't be toooOOoooOO freakin serious although you are serious..

Need more experience.. :))

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