Tuesday, May 11, 2010

tuesday is the day

arrive at seven @office.. and pup as soon as possible..
after that i attend the meeting. Eat the country style bread, juice, and bla bla bla..
hmm.. on the noon, i have three choices: attend the meeting on din tai fung, or eating at office and after that i attend middleware meeting with vendor and coworkers, or going to microsoft innovation day. Wanna go to microsoft innovation day @balai kartini.. There's awesome new tehcnology framework and some interesting presentation. So..? What's next?

Just let it flow.. Maybe i just go to din tai fung.. XD

huah.. just remembered that on this noon i have appointment too in total @ plasa kuningan. but i think i will reject it.. wanna stay @kpei more time because of this and that.. hmmmmm. all of my friends suggest me to try and grab the chance in total.. hmm.. i hope i choose the right path on this crossroads..

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