Monday, May 10, 2010

lunch break

oh my...

i am a little bit tired now. My boss just gave me many tasks to do. Do blah blah blah and blah.. All about testing stuff with razor team (baca: bule aussie). Availability, performance, installation, what if, etc scenario. Hmm..

Lets list what to do

1. SSIS --> make services to transfer data from oracle to sql server that is automatically update and synchronize
Participant : me, rivki (co-worker) and mr. jerri 'khan' (head of psi department a.k.a my boss)

2. Razor Testing --> design testing scenario, prepare all the files and environment, do the test
Participant : me, shandy (co-worker), mr.abdul (head of oas department), and three bule

3. Datawarehouse --> make some document about datawarehouse, learning analysis services, study about OLAP, etc
Participant : me, purniawan (co-worker), nilam (co-worker) and three vendor

4. Marco --> prepare the 'watching risk management movie' event
Participant : All Marco team

5. Tea Walk Team --> just help the tea walk event to run smoothly on Sunday
Participant : All KPEI employee

6. Middleware Testing --> help design middleware testing scenario
Participant : Me and Annisa

hmmmmmmm.... many works to do huh? well.. just try my best lah..

This week should be fun.. why is that?

because there are:

1. microsoft event innovation day
(don't know lah knapa fun, yg pasti jalan2.. hahaha)

2. tea walk
(jalan2 bersama teman kantor ke daerah bogor.. denger2 dapet UPD ama bagi2 doorprizes... pengen dapet hadiah utama..!! kek tv 42inch, ac, ato bb lah paling ga.. huhuhuhuh.. hmm.. ngapain jg gw ngarep dapet ac yak.. ga guna...)

3. the awkward season with Mr. Jimmy
(Mr jimmy adalah mvp microsoft, kpei sewa dia buat ngadain training.. dan sesi untuk minggu ini sepertinya training d microsoft, ga bosen d kantoer aja.. huhuhu)

4. Thursday is holiday
Everyone loves holiday.. lalallalaalala... And i heard that my friend gonna come to jakarta (baca: vinky ke jakarta)... dunno if we will meet and say hi or not..

5. My monitor @office is brand-NEW!!
WiDE SCREEN HP KE1851W. The model is so keren lah.. kekna buat maen dota / nge game dan buat ngoding nyaman.. lebar.. hohohohohoho...

Well then.. it's arround 1.30 now.. i have to meet bule bule at 4floor.. blah..

Meeting Time !

C u.


nisaihsani said...

hmm membocorkan rahasia perusahaan lo sel, haha

hboy said...

gpp lah..

jgn bilang2 orang hrd yak..