Wednesday, December 15, 2010

bad week (monday - wednesday) :((


my agenda was lost on ritz carlton.. seems like my agenda was taken by sexy woman who sat beside me. damn. all my items on my bag were lost.


when i was going home after work.. my handphone was missing on the bus.. someone took it!!

i felt it. then i ask the officer to search on passenger. and called my phone number..

then,by magic.. my hp was found on the corner... wew..
if i knew the culprit.. i will surely make sure that the culprit get the punishment..

well.. my agenda was delivered back too to my office from the sexy lady. but it was sent by post..


and now.. today.. i'm late.. blah!
got cutoff 30 thousand rupiah..!

late for ten minutes..



i think.. i have to extend more my patience level..

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