Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I just wanna forget something.. And to be like the old days.. Hmm.. Wanna forget all the bad things I've done..

Hmm.. I really have to get a grip in my life.. But.. Argh... Forget it.. There are so many questions.. And so few answers... Maybe it's better to never feelin love in your life.. Hahahaha.. What am I talking about..?

Am I too Busy? Not Actually..

Am I too Relaxing? Not Actually..

Am I to Confused about something? Of course..

Well.. Maybe sometimes I just missed my life's spirit.. And feel bored in daily activities.. Bored in everything..


Have to be selfish people?
Have to be kind people?
Have to be ignorant people?
Have to be warm people?

Maybe I'm a bit Lost now..

Hmm.. Don't know what to do?

Maybe my heart is too hurted deep down there.. So that I can't feel anything again..


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