Sunday, October 14, 2012

End of September - L o M B o K (part 2)

End of September - L o M B o K (part 1)

6. Kute Lombok


Clouds at Kute

Beach, sand and clouds

Beautiful seaside and clouds

Mountain at Kute??

Kute beach and the people

Another seaside and beautiful clouds picts (dah mule bingung kasi judulnya..)

Cool effects at Kute

Clouds and seaside...

Dogs at the beach

Dogs at the beach #2

Dogs at the beach and bule

another beautiful seashore seaside

another beautiful seashore seaside #2

narcism at kute beach  :p

7. Sasak Village

welcome to sasak village sade (with handmade scarf~)


Bule sneak peek :p

Handmade and souvenir at Sasak Village

Sasak Village

8. Best of the best narcism edited photos ?

me, my shadow and "H A N S E L" text with senggigi beach sand  :p

sunglassssssess pict and boat

me and my roomates at autore beach house

me, sandals, and my footprints - using senggigi beach sand

kute beach edited with instagram.. make me wanna go back there again ;)

"a lonelynerr walking at the center of kute" - not me, it is my coworker

me trapped in the center of nowhere at gili trawangan - edited by path social networking

nb: I cannot swim and this is my second experience snorkling at sea.. :))

So, what pict is the coolest one? hahaha..
u tell me..
Overall the trip is awesome and wanna go back there again..

And btw, if u wanna see my snorkling video (just 24s), here's the link:

Bye September ~ Full of memories and ending with good one

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Audrey Subrata said...

oemjiiii lombooookkk pengen ke sono kapan-kapan. *matabelo*

kalo koko nanya shoutbox gua juga bingung ko jawabnya gimana hahah soalnya yah kalo shoutbox ga pernah diutak-atik dari dulu hehe. :b