Tuesday, May 10, 2011

my trip to vietnam

hmm.. okay. maybe i'm late now to tell you about my trip to vietnam. (it's about two months ago), i went to vietnam to attend sharepoint event "sharing the point asia 2011".

I went with two co-workers.

took a pic on the jetstar.. not a good aeroplane.. hahaha..

my gadget on the plane.. lol.. actually, you are prohibited to take a pic on a plane when you take off.. =p

Okay, so here's the event... at ho chi min city, vietnam

the paper is on vietnese language.. hahahaha..

hmm. where am i? it's blur.. lol

well.. now the hotel..

the food at the hotel

the ho chi min city photos

big kathedral on ho chi min..

inside the museum near kathedral..

gratz for the wedding.. =]

river view

the mall..

let's eat pho

and.. here's my photos on singapore. I got two days transit.. too bad, i didnt' meet my college friend on singapore.. just because i noted the wrong cellphone number. =.=

esplanade mall..


at changi

if you wanna see the complete photos.. see it on my facebook album.

btw, i lost my one million vsd when i bought shirts (ipho"ne" shirts) on ho chi min.. oh man..!! T_T

i gave two pieces five hundred thousands vsd for fifty thousands. (500.000 ==> 50.000)

well.. just have to be carefull wherever you go shopping..

= the end =


Lina Kim ♥ said...

seems like u had so much fun ^^

hboy said...

yeah.. ^^