Thursday, July 1, 2010

morning has broken

well.. this morning i've made conflict with my parents.. the conflict has been raised since yesterday night. the problem is about apartment. but the whole thing that made me mad is about my father. blah.. after this and that, i said that i want to run away from home.. and maybe dont come back to home after work.. my mom looked so dissapointed in me.. and said that if i really want to run, she want to come with me.. i just stunned and numb..

Then again, i just feel that i've to calm down my emotion again, and try to understand my father "hardness" again.. he always right, and everyone always wrong..

Hmm.. at noon, after lunch, i go to fellowship (fellowship is some kind of religion event / occassion that occurs once in a week). One thing that i learn from the fellowship is that i've to be strong on every problem that i am running through. No matter what problem that u face now, just believe in God , ask for help in God, and believe that every problem have some positive effect.. problem help u to build ur character more mature and more solid..

you've to be strong

well.. i felt better now than this morning.. hopes that everything is okay..

sorry for everyone that feels dissapointed because of me.. i've to learn more control my ego and emotion..

~blah.. i missed today's lunch invitation with vendor at pacific place.. the foods at lunch are sucks today..

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