Wednesday, March 17, 2010

who is she?

hmm.. now.. i'am really confused.. who is she? why she is so easy to say i love u dan i care about u everyday to me? hmph.. although, maybe we are never meet face to face, just in virtual dan cam.. geez..

some facts that i know about her are:

1. she is 6 years younger than me
2. she has no siblings
3. she has same religion with me
4. she is not chinese
5. she is very aggresive
6. she is lazy
7. she has long hair
8. she don't wear glassess
9. she is forbidden to have relationship
10. she is obsessed with me

To be honest, i'm shocked when she said she loved me.. haahaaha.. i don't trust people who i'm just only knew for new.. well.. one month i think is short.. i just say thank you to her and don't know what to say..

weird experience huh.. ??!?!?!

But I'm a little bit happy, because this is the first time in my life, that i am shoooted by a girl.. (btw, she is sexy too.. :p)


~alas, for now, i dont want to have some serious relationship..

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